NDF_logo_squareNatural Dharma Fellowship is a Buddhist community that supports the transmission and cultivation of contemplative and ethical practices for a better world. We believe that the inner development of compassion and wisdom facilitates authentic transformation in our workplace, family, relationships, community and society as a whole. We support the transmission of traditional Buddhist lineage teachings and also encourage an active and ongoing integration of these teachings into the many contexts of modern American life. We offer programs for caregivers, artists, educators, activists, and the LGBT community, as well as a robust program of training for those wishing to follow the traditional Buddhist path. Guided by Lama Willa Miller, our non-profit organization supports practice groups in the Northeastern United States, and offers contemplative retreats at our retreat center in New Hampshire, Wonderwell Mountain Refuge. Our core teachers are trained primarily in the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism (the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages), but we host teachers from other wisdom traditions as well.

Excerpt from A Catalogue of Vajra Songs, Elegantly Composed

by Longchenpa
Translation by Willa Miller (for Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche’s teachings at Wonderwell, June 2014)

Namo Guru Bhya
Throughout the mandala of the vast expanse of space, ready to be known,
The mandala of the sun of wisdom, the knower, shines,
Causing the heart-lotus of wise and loving fortunate ones to bloom—
I bow at the feet of the glorious protector, my sacred teacher.

Listen friends with faith and good fortune
To this candid soulful advice, this affectionate counsel!
May you engage this expression of the way things are—
This guidance that comes from my heart is best nurtured in the depths of your own.

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