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Fierce Compassion in the Anthropocene

In this blog post for the Garrison Institute, Lama Willa details how fierce compassion helps us move towards inclusive altruism. None of us know if the extreme winter of 2014 in New England was a result of climate change. Climate scientists tell us that we have rougher weather to look forward to. Other prognostications include the Read more about Fierce Compassion in the Anthropocene[…]

Lama Rod Owens brings ‘Fierce Love’ to Beloit College

MAR 27, 2017 by AMELIA DIEHL “Love is the strategy” against systems of oppression and violence, but, he added, “you have to be fierce.” He chooses the word “fierce” to acknowledge the ancestors in the black gay community who “embodied fierceness” in being “out and proud.” While Owens said he grew up with love, he Read more about Lama Rod Owens brings ‘Fierce Love’ to Beloit College[…]

Buddhist-Christian Studies Article: Deep Listening

In Volume 35 (2015) of Buddhist-Christian Studies, Lama Willa discusses discusses how the the effectiveness of educators, ministers, and dharma teachers might be enhanced by training in the art of listening. Like an Elephant Pricked by a Thorn: Buddhist Meditation Instructions as a Door to Deep Listening Willa B. Miller The phrase “deep listening” has been circulating Read more about Buddhist-Christian Studies Article: Deep Listening[…]

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Lion’s Roar Article: Meditation Only Goes So Far

In the August, 2016 article on, Lama Willa discusses how the teachings of Mahamudra can help transform our relationship to meditation. BY WILLA MILLER AUGUST 26, 2016 Mahamudra, or “the great seal”—along with Dzogchen, “the great perfection”—is one of the simplest forms of meditation in the Tibetan tradition. In its most essential form, it is the Read more about Lion’s Roar Article: Meditation Only Goes So Far[…]