November 3, 2013


SanghaCare is a network of mutual support connecting NDF members who need temporary or supplementary care due to illness, surgery, natural disaster or other critical event with other members who are able to meet those needs.  Both practical and spiritual support is available.

Practical support includes, for example:

  • Running errands
  • Providing transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Shopping for groceries or other necessities
  • Companionship
  • Preparing meals
  • Walking a dog, feeding or otherwise attending to pets
  • Calling or writing messages of care and sympathy

Spiritual Support/Care may include:

  • Visit(s) by NDF meditation teachers and trained NDF sangha spiritual caregivers
  • NDF lamas are available for life threatening or critical care situations
  • Prayer vigils
  • Meditation Circles (at the person’s home or health care facility)

Who is eligible for SanghaCare?

Any member of NDF is welcome and invited to seek support from SanghaCare whenever it is needed.  Please note that our policy is that the request for support should be made by the person in need or by someone on their behalf.

Where is SanghaCare available?

Members connected with the Sanghas in Cambridge, Vermont and New Hampshire have volunteered to offer SanghaCare in their areas. It is our hope that ultimately we will be able to serve any member who needs SanghaCare. SanghaCare needs and resources will be reviewed on a regular basis and care provided will be adapted accordingly.

Need SanghaCare?

Click here to fill out an on-line form. You can also e-mail: or call 617-744-0141 and you will be contacted by the SanghaCare coordinator

Want to offer practical SanghaCare?

Click here to fill out an on-line form. You can also e-mail:, or call 617-744-0141