Lama Karma Sangye Rinchen

Paul McGhee

Karma Sangye Rinchen (Paul McGhee) has been a practicing Buddhist since 1999. Upon realizing his desire to become a monk he approached Lama Karma Rinchen and Lama Tempa Gyeltshen in Honolulu to guide Paul on his path to ordination.  During the annual Kagyu Monlam in Bodh Gaya in 2001, he had the honor of being formally accepted by H.E. the 12th Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche as a student; to this day he maintains his relationship with his root lama with great care. In 2005 he received the lay vows from His Eminence and in the beginning of 2007, after his parents traveled to India to request Gyaltsab Rinpoche to ordain him, he was made a Rabjung. Since then he has been under the sole guidance of Gyaltsab Rinpoche receiving instructions in philosophy, practice, and meditation. His Eminence also bestowed the Getsul vows on him in the summer of 2008. His Eminence Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche has appointed Karma Sangye Rinchen as one of the resident lamas at New York Tsurphu Goshir Dharma Center.