January 29, 2017

Articles and Interviews

Tricycle Interview: How to Practice with the Common Cold January 2018

  • In this Tricycle interview, Lama Willa and Randall Ryotan Eiger, sensei answer questions regarding how practitioners can relate to the common cold.

Lion’s Roar Article: Advice for Women in a Secret Sexual Relationship with Their Buddhist Teacher October 2017

  • In this Lion’s Roar article, Lama Willa offers nine pieces of advice for women who find themselves in secret relationships with their teachers.

Lion’s Roar Article: How You Can Support a Victim of Clergy Sexual Misconduct October 2017

  • In this Lion’s Roar article, Lama Willa offers suggestions on how to support a survivor of sexual misconduct by a Buddhist teacher.

Lion’s Roar Article: 5 Practices to Help Accept the Immense Challenge of Climate Change October 2017

  • In this Lion’s Roar article, Lama Willa offers five meditations to help bring the truth of climate change into your awareness and lay the ground for a skillful response.

Garrison Institute Article: Fierce Compassion in the Anthropocene August 2017

  • In this blog post for the Garrison Institute, Lama Willa details how fierce compassion helps us move towards inclusive altruism.

Lion’s Roar Article: Meditation Only Goes So Far August 2016

  • In this August, 2016 article on lionsroar.com, Lama Willa discusses how the teachings of Mahamudra can help transform our relationship to meditation.

The Center Post Interview: The Teacher Who Changed My Life Spring/Summer 2016

  • Lama Willa was interviewed in The Center Post: the Journal of UU Rowe Center about her experience meeting the teacher Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. It can be found on page 17 of the printed journal and page 9 of the PDF.

Council on the Uncertain Human Future Interview February 2016

  • In this video interview by the Council on the Uncertain Human Future, Lama Willa discusses contemplative approaches to environmental challenges.

Lion’s Roar Interview: Meet a Teacher: Willa Miller September 2015

  • In September 2015 Lama Willa was featured in an interview series called Meet a Teacher in Shambhala Sun, now Lion’s Roar. She answered fifteen questions ranging a variety of topics.

Excellence Reporter Interview: The Meaning of Life and Making the Planet a Better Place September 2015

  • In a post from September 3, 2015, Lama Willa addresses the question, “What is the meaning of life?”

Buddhist-Christian Studies Article: Deep Listening 2015

  • In this article titled Like an Elephant Pricked by a Thorn: Buddhist Meditation Instructions as a Door to Deep Listening, Lama Willa discusses how the the effectiveness of educators, ministers, and dharma teachers might be enhanced by training in the art of listening.

Interview with Sakyadhita International July 2014

  • Lama Willa was interviewed by Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist Women on July 7, 2014. The topic was the role of women in the Dharma.