October 2015 Newsletter

Wonderwell: The Next 100 Years

wonderwell plan from the airWonderwell Mountain Refuge has launched a fundraising campaign to pay for necessary upgrades and renovations to bring our historic building in food and fire safety code compliance. While these renovations are in harmony with the long-term vision of Natural Dharma Fellowship, we should be very clear:

For Wonderwell to stay open, we must make these changes to the building.

None of this is optional. The building is out-of-compliance with New Hampshire code regulations in several key areas, including food service, life-safety, and ADA accessibility. Until and unless we make these essential upgrades to bring the building into code compliance, Wonderwell will have to shut its doors.

Imagine a world without Wonderwell in it! Now, consider all the blessings and wonder of the Dharma teachings that flow from Wonderwell. Envision a brilliant future where these blessings continue to expand and blossom. Wonderwell is a precious jewel that has been laid in our hands and we are the generation to firmly establish this foundation for the Dharma to flourish. We are the ones who can do what is necessary to make this bright future possible. It’s up to us – each and every one of us.

The estimated cost for these mandatory upgrades is 1.5 million dollars. While we have already raised over one third of this amount, we have a long way to go. Please, as generously as you can, give to support Wonderwell’s next hundred years of propagating Dharma in the west. Wonderwell’s future depends on it. Visit the Project webpage Wonderwell: The Next 100 Years

Natural Dharma Fellowship Auction

In order to help raise money for Wonderwell, Natural Dharma Fellowship will be hosting an online silent auction. The auction will open for bidding on Thursday October 15th at 12:00pm. We will send out a Sangha-wide email on October 14th with the information about the auction and link to the online auction website. Persons wishing to bid in the auction must create an account prior to making their bids. Instructions for how to create an account and the link to do so will be included in the October 14th mailer, and will be posted on NDF and Wonderwell’s Facebook pages that day. Creating an account for the auction is a very simple process that requires only your name and email address. Those who wish to be notified by telephone in regards to items that they bid on have the option to provide their phone number.

If you wish to donate items to the auction, please email Elizabeth Monson at Elizabeth@naturaldharma.org with a picture of the item, a short description, and the estimated value of the item you wish to donate. The auction will be open for several months. You are welcome to donate items after the auction goes live! We will continue to add items as they are donated. Lama Willa and other NDF teachers and sangha have already donated a host of truly priceless items for this auction. Please pass on this information through all your social networks.

EcoSattva Tip of the Month
Tip for October: Connect with the Earth

Fall is upon us. Here in the northeast we are privy to a particularly breathtaking and inspiring beautiful natural phenomena: peak foliage. This is a time when the leaves of trees die, and in their last days, they shine with their utmost vibrancy. Now is a great time to get outside and connect with the earth through this experience. Plan for some time in the next few weeks and make sure to get out and really take this all in. Simple acts of noticing natural phenomena help us to connect with, and develop deeper appreciation for, our precious natural world. As Albert Camus said: Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower.

NDF Teachers in Academia

This semester Lama Willa and Elizabeth Monson are each teaching classes at Harvard University. Lama Willa is teaching Arts of Contemplative Care, a course that explores the intersection of meditation practice with caregiving. Liz Monson is teaching New Studies in Tibetan Buddhism. Liz’s class explores the meaning of the term “Tibetan Buddhism” by analyzing both recent academic works in Tibetan Buddhist studies as well as through a range of primary sources such as the Tibetan epic of Gesar of Ling.

Lama Rod Owens is also a member of the Harvard University community, working towards his Masters of Divinity.

A Call for Sangha Volunteers

Wonderwell Mountain Refuge is looking for volunteers to edit audio from past and future retreats. If you have any audio editing experience, or are quick at picking up simple to use computer programs and have an interest in helping us to create a catalog of edited audio files, please contact tech@wonderwellrefuge.org

Monthly Words of Wisdom

When inward tenderness discovers the secret hurt, pain itself will crack the rock, and ahh! The soul emerges.

Listen Online

Unable to join us in person for Dharma Sunday November 1st? Join us live. Streaming starts at 10 am. This Dharma Sunday we will be joined by NDF teacher Lama Rod Owens. Find out more here.

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