Pilgrimage to Bhutan
Pilgrimage to Bhutan
Hidden Lands, Hidden Yogis
with Lama Willa Miller, Lopon Liz Monson, Jetsun Deleplanque
Friday, May 19  - Friday, June 2, 2017

Pilgrimage: May 19-June 2, $5000

Pilgrimage: May 19-June 6, $6000 Trekking Extension

Fee includes: airfare between Royal Bhutan Airlines Base Airport (Delhi, Kathmandu or Bangkok) and Paro, Bhutan, transportation (bus and flight) within Bhutan, lodging, food, visas, government fees, entrance fees to sites.

Fee does not include airfare to the Base Airport (Delhi, Kathmandu or Bangkok) from abroad.

Level: Appropriate for all levels of practice.

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Known as “the last Shangrila”, Bhutan—isolated from its neighbors by high mountains and rugged jungle—has preserved its culture, natural beauty, language, and religious traditions largely resisting forces of industrialization and rapid development.

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On the Land of Dragons Tour 2017, we will explore and practice in ancient sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites surrounded by rural agricultural communities and stunning natural beauty. While we will visit some of the famous pilgrimage destinations, such as Tiger’s Nest, where Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal famously retreated, Chime Lhakang, the famous Drukpa Kunely temple and Tharpaling, founded by Longchenpa, we are designing the tour around some lesser-known temples, caves and sacred sites where hidden treasures and encounters await us. We also will be meeting with local Buddhist teachers, for teachings and blessings.

This tour includes a combination of in-country travel, meditation practice, Buddhist teachings, and cultural talks. You do not have to be Buddhist to attend the pilgrimage, but please be aware that there is significant time set aside each day for meditation practice, and Buddhist teachings (on some days).

Prayer flags, grass, sky and buildingPilgrimage is a deep and ancient spiritual practice, embraced by all religious traditions. It is a way to encounter oneself and a forum to deepen in teachings of wisdom and compassion. As we journey to places that extend far beyond our familiar world, we are invited to discover new ways of seeing and being, and may find ourselves reaching into the recesses of the mind and heart. Sacred sites carry a profound energy of blessing, garnered by visits by saints and thousands of practitioners, which has a way of inviting us directly into relationship with these ancient transmissions of wisdom. While the outer pilgrimage is a journey to sacred places, the inner pilgrimage may well be a journey to the heart of our deepest being.

Lama Willa Miller, PhD is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Natural Dharma Fellowship and Wonderwell Mountain Refuge.

Lopon Liz Monson, PhD is the Managing Teacher at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge, and the Associate Spiritual Director of Natural Dharma Fellowship.

Jetsun Deleplanque is a Doctoral Candidate in Religion at the University of Chicago. He has spent years living in Bhutan and the Himalaya. He speaks Dzonkha (the language of Bhutan).

All three guides are scholars and practitioners of Buddhism. This is their second pilgrimage to Bhutan together, offered through Natural Dharma Fellowship.

Overhead from this tour will support Wonderwell Mountain Refuge’s building project.

Accommodations Please click here for more information about your stay.
   Two weeks - 5000.00

Contact : Liz Monson: elizabeth@naturaldharma.org

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