Awakening through the Body talk at CIMC

In May 2016, Lama Willa Miller gave a talk on “Awakening through the Body” at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. Although the body is often neglected in the life of many spiritual practitioners, it can be a door for us into compassion. The body can teach compassion.   Listen at   Also, check out the upcoming retreat Read more about Awakening through the Body talk at CIMC[…]

Subtle Body Meditation and Teaching

The highest expression of enlightenment is not an intellectual exercise. It is the realization of a non-dual, non-conceptual state. With this in mind, Lama Willa Miller guides us through a meditation and then gives a Dharma talk on the subtle body in Tibetan Buddhism. Listen now:   Download for later: Click here   This was Read more about Subtle Body Meditation and Teaching[…]