Awakening through the Body talk at CIMC

In May 2016, Lama Willa Miller gave a talk on “Awakening through the Body” at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center. Although the body is often neglected in the life of many spiritual practitioners, it can be a door for us into compassion. The body can teach compassion.   Listen at   Also, check out the upcoming retreat Read more about Awakening through the Body talk at CIMC[…]

Milarepa Meets Paldarbum

Namo Guru. One autumn, while on his way to North Horse Gate snow mountain to practice meditation, Jetsun Milarepa arrived at Gepa Leksum in the district of Chung, where all the local farmers were reaping the annual harvest. In a large field, leading a group of laborers, was a young woman of about fifteen years of age who appeared to have the signs of a wisdom dakini. Milarepa approached the group and said, “Patrons, this yogin humbly requests alms.” “Yogin, go to that house over there and wait at the door,” the woman replied. “I will be with you shortly.”


Milarepa Meets Rechungma

Namo Guru. Milarepa was accompanied by his attendant and Heart Son, Rechungpa. At the area of the Five Small Lakes, at the edge of the Drik region, they were begging for alms and benefiting sentient beings. At that time, word of their arrival spread and people were saying, “The noble one and his son are meditating in the area of the snow mountain Kailash and Lake Ma Pam!” The people of Choro, at the Drik border, hearing of their fame, were convinced that they must be marvelous and wonderful. Devotion awakened within them, and they said, “Since this siddha and his disciple have come here, we should take advantage of it and go and meet them in person.” Taking with them ample offerings, they went to meet Milarepa and his son.


The Story of Sale öo

Namo Guru. Jetsun Milarepa went from the Belly Cave of Nyanang to the area of Ngokang to seek alms. He stayed at Lashing for several days, and then proceeded to Nakchar. On the way he happened upon a beautiful young woman with gleaming hair and eyebrows, sixteen years of age, wearing handsome clothes and jewelry, on her way to fetch water. Milarepa said, “My lady, please give me a meal today.” She replied, “If I were to feed every alms-seeker who comes by this crossroad, I would soon run out of provisions.” So saying, she went inside her house. Milarepa settled down outside for the night.


The Story of the Wisdom Dakini Sukhasiddhi

also known as dewai ngödro

Sukhasiddhi, an eleventh century female meditation master, was a contemporary of Niguma and also a teacher of Khyungpo Naljor, who considered her to be his kindest guru. Her life demonstrates to us that age is not a factor when it comes to attaining enlightenment: she met her guru at age 61 and attained enlightenment soon thereafter. Both she and Niguma’s teachings form the heart of the Shangba lineage instructions. Her story was translated from a collection of stories of the lives of Shangba masters