Paldarbum Learns Meditation

From among the twenty-four closest disciples of the beloved Tibetan saint Milarepa, four were women. Here is a song from one of these women, Paldarbum. “Dear Lama, I have not made any preparations for the next life. In order that I may start to do so, please kindly teach me how to meditate.” The Jetsun Read more about Paldarbum Learns Meditation[…]

Yeshe Tsogyal’s Song to the Demons

Emaho! The intention of Great Mother Dharmakaya, The heart of the ten perfections Is enjoyment of profound wisdom. By genuinely ending up here, There’s no one to see appearances. All arising is dharmakaya’s play. Illusions are the Lama’s compassion. So go ahead and stir things up! Emaho! The intention of Lama Kunzang, The heart of Read more about Yeshe Tsogyal’s Song to the Demons[…]

Songs of Female Masters

PDF with Songs of Female Masters. Table of Contents Page 5 Yeshe Tsogyal’s Retreat Song Page 6 Yeshe Tsogyal’s Song to the Demons Page 8 Yeshe Tsogyal’s Song to Seven Thieves Page 11 In praise of Prajnaparmita Page 12 Machik’s Prayer of Offering the Three Gestures in Tibetan Page 13 Machik’s Prayer of Offering the Three Read more about Songs of Female Masters[…]